Dispatcher is the easiest way to give help and get help in your community

How does it work? Give help. Get help.

Dispatcher is a peer-to-peer platform which allows users to make requests and offers for help to incentivize altruism in our communities. As a system, it provides assessment, recommendations, and matching between individuals, helping to deploy resources and meet community needs in a matter of minutes.

 Community members (neighbours, students, colleagues) can make a request for or offer of help via the app. Dispatcher then finds the best match using our machine learning algorithm trained from over a decade of data collected at Ushahidi.

Offer or ask for assistance, skills, tools, unwanted items, resources, advice or time!

Get a list of best matches back in seconds that are within your local community.

Chat, organise, amend and repeat for the next time you’re in need or want to help out!

Make connections

Get matched

Make a request or offer


Chat with people to figure out the best way to give help or get help. Re-organise, send updates, set up a meeting spot and stay in touch after helping or being helped. 

You never know when you can help each other again and community connections are key to increased resilience!

Map & Location

Locate people close to you by what they need help with. 

No need to figure out how far away someone is. We match based on location as well as relevance of help offered or requested.

It’s easy to find people to give help to or to get help from.

Security & Safety

Safety and security is a priority. Use chat and required, detailed profile information to vet your matches.

If anything doesn’t feel right, a process of reporting users will keep you safe.

Contact us

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Computer Science student, 19, Nairobi Kenya

“I can see this being really useful when I have difficult assignments in class where I don’t know how to start. I can ask for a study partner here and see if there’s anyone out there who knows the subject I’m learning”

Built by Ushahidi

Ushahidi is an eleven year old social enterprise that makes software to help disadvantaged people raise their voice and get the help they need. Dispatcher is the newest product and future of Ushahidi.

Over the past three years we have conducted technical R&D and user research on how to solve the problem of matching post-crisis resources to needs. The outcomes of this work, as well as over a decade of experience deploying the Ushahidi platform and Tenfour.org for crisis response, indicate there is a current failure in the sector to efficiently match these resources to the needs on the ground. Dispatcher is designed to correct these failures.